Tea Party on Socialized Medicine

July 2nd, 2009 Noon-4:00 pm at the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds

Health Fair from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Concessions Available) - Program from 12:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
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~ Socialized Medicine - Uninsured ~
by Dr. Allen Unrue

Who are the 46 million Uninsured?

One of the biggest selling points of why America needs a government take over of medicine is the claim we have 46 million uninsured people in the U.S. The average citizen takes their word for it and does not take the time to evaluate just who these 46 million really are. Here is what the research tells us:


45% of the uninsured, who are without health coverage for less than 4 months are between jobs.


Nearly half are eligible for retroactive COBRA coverage for 3.5 months before a premium is due. It is expensive; why pay if it’s not necessary?


Of the remainder, 4-5 million are actually enrolled in Medicaid but undercounted, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


There are millions who can apply for Medicaid any time they need a significant medical service and receive retroactive coverage.


Between 25% to 43% of the uninsured populations are illegal aliens; The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 75% of the increase in uninsurance over the past 15 years results from immigrants and their children. Medical care is available without insurance; besides EMTALA, A Google search for “free medical care” turned up 275 million Web sites, including 13,500 in Maine.


Only 2000 previously uninsured individuals of a claimed 135,000 uninsured, bothered to sign up for Dirigo Health, notes Gerard Gianoli, M.D. (ENT Today, Jan 2009.


Of the 46 million without insurance, 10 million make more than $75,000/year and almost 18 million make more than $50,000/yr. That means 38% of the uninsured likely make enough to afford health insurance but choose not to buy it.


An additional 14 million are fully eligible for generous government assistance programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP. The problem is, they’re just not enrolling in these programs. If 14 million eligibles aren’t availing themselves of taxpayer-funded coverage, then why should we think that a still bigger government healthcare bureaucracy will solve the problem?


Of course there are some Americans who legitimately cannot afford insurance and others who are paying too much for the coverage they have. This actual number is about 8 million but they can’t be denied care at any ER by law, and most pay cash for routine care.


President Obama believes the answer is a government single-payer system. He thinks this is a humane alternative. But according to Dr. Sally Pipes of the Galen Institute, It is government monopoly healthcare that is heartless and uncaring. And it’s inferior treatment comes with a very steep price tag: rationed care, lack of access to tests, the latest technological equipment and long waiting lists.

Don’t you like paying for all those illegal immigrants who are bankrupting our system? And free health care is just a fraction of the entitlements they are receiving.

What does the new government scheme cover? If you are elderly, be afraid. Proponents of this socialized scheme are long on fear and short on facts. Hidden in this “must pass” piece of legislation is a provision that rations health care and makes it likely that older people will be left to suffer or die. One of the 32 new government agencies is a bureaucracy called the National coordinator of Health Information Technology. This office will monitor the treatment your doctor is giving you and whether it is appropriate or cost-effective. Another office, the Federal Coordinating Council of Comparative Effectiveness Research, will slow the use of new medications and technologies because new treatments drive up costs. Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York, said this socialized medicine scheme will be disastrous.

Last year, 1000 British doctors were fighting Britain’s health care system because the British Health Department bean counters decided it wasn’t cost-effective to treat cancer patients. The strategy is to bypass allowing the people to read the details of this scheme because if they are allowed to see it, and debate it, they will reject it.

Eric Holder said, “Never underestimate the value of a good crisis. You can accomplish in a crisis what you could never ordinarily do.” The strategy is for the Government to take over health care without any debate, and without anybody knowing or reading the details of the plan. The stimulus bill was passed without one Senator reading it. Senator Biden said recently, “There’s a lot of waste in this bill.” Karl Marx said, “First you socialize medicine and everything else follows like night follows day.” Then every doctor is a slave of the state and every patient is a ward of the state. The state in essence, owns you. The value of human life has no objective standard. It’s not even based on whether you are wanted, needed, loved or convenient, But it’s based on economics on what the government has to spend and nameless, faceless, heartless bureaucrats will be making your health care decisions for you.

It’s like as if the titanic is sinking and the government wants the country to get on board before it goes down, because next year will be too late. We were promised transparency. This is your freedom and your life we are talking about. It’s critical for every American to understand what’s in this government take over of their lives.

Attend the Rally with world re-noun speakers. Learn from the experts on socialism and government control, and then decide if you feel that you want to trust the government to make better decisions than you in regards to your health. Thursday, July 2nd, Sioux Falls Fair Grounds. Health Fair from 10-5 Program from 12:30-4:00 p.m. Music by Jon Michaels Productions and Mogen’s Heroes today known as “Aspirin and the Bandaids.”

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